May 2, 2016

Kaley's Monthly Pictures: Three Months

Hello there everyone and happy Monday! It's finally May and I think spring my stick around this time, or at least I'm hoping it will. It's been pretty busy around here the last few weeks, so I am quite late with Kaley's three month picture. But better late than never.

She keeps changing on a daily basis, it's amazing to watch. She has started to develop such a littler personality on her and she is so similar to Braxton. Kaley loves to stand, she pretty mush still cries unless she gets to stand up. The reason she wants to stand? So she can follow every single move her big brother makes.

Braxton has gotten much better with Kaley, but still avoids her unless she is laughing or we are playing with toys. She is started to not mind tummy time as much, but it's still not in her top ten things to do.

She has also started to follow voices when they are close to her, which is crazy. If Luis is holding her and I sit down where she can't see me and start talking, she will look for me. She's growing too fast!


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