May 6, 2016

Kaley's Monthly Pictures: Four Months

Hello one and all and happy Friday. It's almost the weekend, and it happens to be Mother's Day this weekend. So make sure to spoil all the moms out there! I'm hoping for a semi lazy weekend, you know, full of diaper changes and crying babies. But I wouldn't change a thing.

I am finally caught up on my monthly pictures for Kaley, so today I want to share her four month picture. I'll give you a few minutes to take in all the cuteness.

She is getting to be such a little character! Seriously, the personality on this girl is already crazy. When she's happy there are laughs and giggles, but when she's not, holy you know it. I'm starting to get scared of her teenage years, and I'm desperately hoping that she takes after me in that area of her life. I was an easy teenager, so here's hoping!

She still adores Braxton and smiles huge dimple filled smiles at him every time she sees him. The best way to keep her happy if you need to put her down for a bit is to put her in her bouncy chair and make sure she can watch Braxton tear around the room. 

And she still hates to be put down or stay still. Little miss gets carried around a lot and I wear her a lot. I'm waiting for the day that she naps all by herself, hopefully soon. We waited until she hit four months to start to sleep train her in her crib, she would stay in the bassinet until she was 6 if we let her I think.

We are also waiting a few more weeks to introduce solids, maybe around the 5 month mark. We tried Braxton at the four month mark and he wasn't ready and had some tummy troubles afterwards. Just to be safe with Kaley's tummy we are going to wait, plus I don't think she is ready quite yet.

That's all for this month, hopefully I will be a little quicker to share her picture next month.


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