January 29, 2016

Kaley's Monthly Pictures: One Month

Hey everyone, I know that I have been pretty unreliable the last few weeks and I wanted to say sorry. I am going to try my best to pop on here whenever I can, but I'm not expecting to be posting regularly for awhile. I'm sure you guys will forgive me. When sleep is a little more of a sure thing I will probably have the energy to do things beside childcare.

I did want to share the monthly pictures for Kaley like I did for Braxton, but this time around I will post them when I have a chance instead of in one giant post. This way maybe you guys can see how she is growing instead of just seeing twelve pictures in a row that shows a rapid change.

I can't believe how fast the first month went by, it's crazy. We joke about how she's going to be walking next week because she is always moving! Seriously, the girl is always looking around with her head up and checking things out. She's starting to watch her brother a little bit, when he actually gets close to her.

I hope you guys can enjoy my cute little girl's pictures as much as I do. I love the idea of monthly pictures to keep track of the little things that don't have a place in baby memory books. It's also great for family members that can't visit as much as they'd like to. I highly recommend them, they are so worth the time & effort.


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