November 24, 2014

wax paper pom-pom's

Morning everyone, today I want to share another craft I have for Braxton's upcoming birthday. I found the idea on Whipperberry . They used them on Christmas presents as part of the wrapping and decorations. But I thought they looked really cute as snowballs.

(Please ignore the baby toy in the background, I can't help it)

So you will want to gather your supplies, you will need: 
5 to 6 pieces of wax paper
Twine or string

Step One:

Cut your wax paper into equal pieces, whatever size you would like. I made mine a little smaller than a regular piece of paper. As you can see below I wasn't perfect, but you will fix this after. So don't worry too much about each piece being exactly the same.

Step Two:

Next you will want to accordion fold the wax paper. Just fold about 1-inch of the paper, then turn the paper over and fold another 1-inch section. Continue until the wax paper looks like this:

Step Three: 

Tie a piece of twine or string around the wax paper and trim the edges into whatever shape you want (this is also where you can trim any excess paper you have sticking about). I chose to cut my ends into points, but you could also round your edges or scallop them.

Step Four: 

Open each layer carefully and fluff until they look like snowballs.

They are the same thing as the tissue paper pom-poms you see every where, but they are a little more durable. And like a mentioned, I think they look a little more like snowballs because they are opaque and a little shiny.

Well, what do you guys think? Pretty easy to try, and a very easy kid craft as well. Hopefully you guys will share wax paper pom-poms, I would love to see them!


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