November 10, 2014

nursery before and after

Happy Monday everyone! (Please don't throw things at me) 

Today I want to share a transformation that happened last year, but I never shared with you guys. Last spring we converted our old computer room into Braxton's nursery. And what a transformation it was!

Here is the before picture; a little history to the colour of this room. When I lived at home, I always swore that my "office" was going to be red. So, once we bought this house the very first thing I decided, the computer room was to be red. Not sure if Luis even knew what was going on until he was fully committed. 

I know, I know. What was I thinking! Don't get me wrong, I loved the colour, until I had to paint over it! I think it was called Sly Fox, and was a Behr paint colour.

Here is another view from the window to the door and the hallway. You can see the closet in there as well, which is a nice size.

The colour was just way to much for the room. So we had to paint over it. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted the nursery to look like. I want this be be the nursery, and Braxton to move to a "Big Boy Room" when we are ready to add to our clan. That being said, it had to work for both a girl and a boy.

The one thing I was very sure of was that I wanted board and batten in this room. I thought it would make the small 8x8ft room look a bit bigger. As would a nice neutral colour on the top. So Luis painted the top half of the room a nice light beige colour (which I cannot find the name of anywhere!), and the bottom a nice crisp white.

Next was the board and batten. We did not take pictures of these steps because the interweb is flooded with so many tutorials, it did not need another one. Luis used pre-primed mdf boards for the board and batten that way the edges are not too sharp.

He whipped his mad math skills out and put this all up while I was at work one day. I was very impressed when I got home.

Doesn't it look so much better than the red. Once this was all up we had a ton of caulking, painting, wood filler and sore knees and backs in our futures. I was able to help by doing all of the edges and corners while Luis rolled all the flat surfaces.

Next thing we addressed was the closet. I knew that I wanted to have shelves as well as a place to hang up the clothes. Without the shelves, most of the closet would have been wasted space as baby clothes are not very long. Here is the before picture without the door in the way.

So again, Luis pulled his mad math skills out and put some shelves in the closet for me.

I love that we are using every inch of this closet. Tons of room for baskets on all the shelves as well as storage on the ground.

Well, are you ready for the after? Because I mean, I can I can't. Well, ready or not, here it is! This is the view from the hallway.

I love this room, I smile every time I walk by it still. Here are a few more of the rest of the room.

And here is the final product of the closet (which I secretly lust for and am still trying to figure out how to get Luis to build in my closet).

If you have any questions about anything in the room, and where we got it, I will do my best to let you know.

Hopefully you guys like the transformation as much as we do!


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