November 19, 2014

3D snowflakes

Hey everyone, hope you all are staying warm! 

Today I want to share a fun craft that I did as a decoration for Braxton's upcoming (first) birthday. It is a great craft to do in front of the TV or with older kids. And it's also great as a winter or Christmas decoration! First you need to gather your supplies:

You will need:
6 to 8 sheets of paper (of any size and colour)

For this tutorial I used plain computer paper, but you can use scrapbook paper or cardstock. Just a note though, you will want whatever paper you use to look nice on both sides.

Step One: 

Fold the one corner of the paper to meet the other side of the paper. You will have excess paper after the fold, it's normal.

Step Two:

Cut off the excess paper so you are left with a triangle. Then fold the triangle in half, making a smaller triangle.

Step Three:

Turn the paper triangle so that the main fold is to your right, and the two folds are at the bottom (Believe me, this is the most important step).

Step Four:

Make three cuts to the bottom of the folded triangle along the outer edge (see how the cuts follow the outer unfolded edge), going almost all the way to through to the main fold.

When you open the triangle by one fold, this is what you should see if you did your cuts correct (and don't feel bad if you mess up, it took me more than a few times to remember how to do that cut). 

You will need to do steps 1-4 until you have 6 triangles. I found it helps to keep one triangle as your reminder for future cuts (trust me people, trust me).

Step Five:

Open a triangle all the way and fold the two inner pieces toward each other and tape together. 

Then flip the paper over so the folded pieces are on the bottom, and fold the next two pieces together and tape them.

Continue this until all the pieces are folded and taped together like so:

Step Six:

Once you have all six pieces complete, you want to lay them out so that each big side matches to a small side (see above if that doesn't make sense).

Next you will staple three of the parts together by stapling the three middle connecting pieces and the main stem piece.

Do this with the other three parts, then lay the two larger pieces down with a big side to a small side (like you did above).

Step Seven:

Connect the two parts with staples at the two inner parts and the main stem piece. Put and extra staple or two at the main stem for stability.

And there you have it:

A really pretty 3D snowflake to hang in your windows, from your ceilings or even on your tree! And like I said, you can use any type or colour of paper you want. Here are a few snowflakes made with cardstock of a few different colours:

These are quite large, but you can also make them smaller by making the paper you use a little smaller. I found that the scrap pieces that you cut off in step two make really nice and tiny snowflakes. And you aren't wasting anything (which makes you feel pretty good).

So go get some pretty paper and make some snowflakes for you house. Feel free to share them if you so, I would love to see them!

I have to say, red snowflakes look pretty special.


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