January 5, 2012

Kitchen After

Hello again! The stars seem to be aligning for me right now and my computer is going to let me show you guys the kitchen after pictures. They didn't seem to want to be uploaded the last few days.

So anyway, as I mentioned here I did a mini-reno of the kitchen. The yellow cabinets and brown counter top are history!

 A before and after picture, side by side:

How great does it look? As you can see, the counter tops have changed and look like stone now and the cabinets are white.

I spent a week before Christmas painting all of the cabinets a soft white, and I spray painted the existing hardware a metallic silver. Then I used Krylons "Make it Stone" spray paint to do the counter top.

Here are a few pictures of the cabinets being painted white. You can see the brown counter tops in the middle picture.

Next I put paper up to cover my purdy cabinets and did the prep for the counter tops being painted.

Fancy right? I know. I will put more pictures up in another post with better pictures and steps. For now, lets just bask in the glory of the finished product.

One last time, the before and afters:

It feels so good to finally not be embarrassed to have people over because of my kitchen! Like I said before, I will have a post with more in progress pictures.

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  1. Looks amazing! I'd love to know if this lasts. I can't afford expensive countertops!

  2. I think it looks good! I have been wanting to try concrete for my top but this looks similar and without as much mess. Did you seal the top when dried and with what did you use? Polyurethane? If so how many coats?

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    2. Hi Brenda,

      We used the Rustoluem Step 3 counter top sealer at $50/box. We put both boxes together for one giant coat.

      It is holding up great and I would recommend using this method if you want to redo your counter tops for cheap!