September 25, 2011

Before & After - Rec Room

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And how are you all on this wonderful weekend?

I thought I would switch things up a little, and do a before and after post. We moved into our house almost 3 years ago now. Now you need to understand that it is a fixer uper is the most literal sense of the word. Almost ever single area of the house needed to be redone, including the outside.

One of the most significant changes was the basement. Here is the before picture (Warning: if your hair turns white from the sheer terror of the picture, please don't blame me!):

Well actually, this is the "before" before picture, like 10 min after we moved in. In early 2009 our basement flooded and the picture above was before this happened. Everything spiralled out of control after that, and I was left with the "man cave":

Notice the posters covering the beaten up walls, the cement floor and the mish-mash of furniture. Loverly yellow walls. I used to like yellow, I really did. Then I moved into the "Yellow House". Every surface was painted yellow, the floors were all yellow wood/beige carpet. All the tilework is yellow, the kitchen cabinets are following me? 

Well, after some long weeks, many hours slaving away at painting and some shopping, this is the basement now:

We installed laminate flooring throughout the basement and installed new baseboards. We painted the wood-panelling walls in Rona brand "Roman Ruins" 6321-52 that you can find at Rona Stores accross Canada. Last but certainly not least, we added new furniture and moved our TV down.

Things still to do:

-Add gallery wall behind sofa
-Add shelves to the blank wall at the back of the room (behind the chaise part of the sofa)
-Add electric fireplace

It's not completely finished, but it's so much better than it was before! And in the last picture, you can see the hallway. But that's another post!


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