August 21, 2017

Front Yard Mini Makeover

Hi everyone, thanks for sticking with me while we take this crazy whirlwind of deciding to move and being in a new house within five months. It has been so crazy around here that all we are managing to do is unpack and clean. Shortly before we moved I started back at work part-time and Braxton started going to a summer camp as well, so that has just added to the crazy.

I wanted to take a few minutes to show you guys a small update that we made to the front of the house since we moved in. If you saw the announcing post here, then you saw that there was a crazy bush with a mind of it's own in the front. Well, after 3 months with the sellers not touching anything it was a jungle everywhere outside.

This is what we moved into, noticed the actual tree growing within inches of the foundation at the right of the house and the half dead bush in front of the entrance.

Seriously, seeing that was so overwhelming. It bummed us out to see how the sellers didn't do any maintenance at the house because we kept up with our house for our buyers. Here is a better view of the side of the house that leads to the front steps and entrance area, with the lovely half dead bush.

But there is nothing that can be done about it! So we had Luis' dad drop his trailer off and Luis got to work. After a few hours of hard labour in the summer heat, Luis managed to make our house appear. We cut down all of the trees and bushes that were on the right side of the house, as well as trimmed the large bush at the far left of the house. 

Guys! It looks so much better! It's amazing the difference that can be made when you remove (or transplant, if possible) the wrong type of plant to help landscape your house to accent it's best features. The tree and bush that we removed were making the house seem much smaller than it was, as well as making the house too heavy compared to the garage. It didn't balance very well at all.

We are still a LONG way from being done, but the house already looks so much better and we love being able to actually look out the windows at the front. In the spring I have quite a bit of transplanting to do both in the front yard and the back yard, as well as buying some new plants to replace the ones we had to remove.

I can't wait to extend the gardens and add some texture to the front garden, and well as remove all the crazy rocks that are hidden everywhere. Can you believe all those rocks in the picture above were hidden by that giant dead-ish bush? It looks like Luis has some more back breaking work to do in the spring.

Like I said, it was a small makeover that made a huge impact. I can't wait to start designing and share some more progress with you guys!


June 23, 2017

The Best Blueberry Muffins (Ever)

Hi there everyone! Holy has this ever been a crazy couple of months, pretty much since we made the decision to move back in early March. And I also have gone back to work part time this month, which was unexpected and has added a whole new level of crazy. With all of these happenings, I've got quite the backlog of pictures that I am going through, so bear with me!

To get through some of the pictures I have ready to go, today I want to share the best blueberry muffin recipe. I found this on Pinterest a few months ago when we had an overload of blueberries and didn't want to waste them. Seriously guys, these were so good! Moist, rich and the perfect amount on sweetness.

The original recipe is here and they were pretty easy to make, you definitely don't need to be a seasoned baker to make delicious blueberry muffins. Though I will say that my streusel topping was more like a glaze than a crumbly topping (as the original recipe had), even following the directions. Not sure where the error was, but they came out fantastic!

We shared them with some family members and they were devoured within hours of delivery. Always a compliment! I like when baked goods get eaten fast and don't sit around for days, it makes the effort worth it sometimes. And it's always great to be able to share your baked goods so you don't have to toss them or eat them all yourself!!!

A few weeks later I made these again and tweaked the streusel to make sure it was like the original recipe, and I have to say we liked the glaze a little bit more. So sometimes baking fails can become happy accidents that work out  better than you plan. This just shows that you should never be afraid to try a new recipe!

Now you can grab some blueberries and make some of these delicious muffins for yourself. You'll be happy when you do, pinky promise.